Welcome to TeXNaT. We can help you with typesetting of technical and scientific texts. Other types of texts can also be done. Our tool is the typesetting program TEX and its variants LaTEX and XeLaTEX. (If you do not know anything about these have a look at TUG TeX Users Group.) We also give advice on typesetting of formulas (mathematical or other), tables, how to use pictures …; if you only need a small number of formulas these can be delivered as pictures which can be included in other documents.

LaTeX can be used to produce almost all kinds of documents. It is specially suited for documents containing mathematical formulas, tables and diagrams or other types of scientific text. It has become a lingua franca for publishing mathematics. Almost all publishers of mathematical books or journals accept manuscripts in some TeX-format (mainly LaTeX).

One of my pet-projects is to use LaTeX to make print-ready originals for books in other fields than natural science. You will find several examples of such books below, all of which were printed at Wikströms Tryckeri AB in Uppsala. Some of these were typeset from Word manuscripts (text extracted by a variety of tools, antiword, catdoc or Open Office), the preparation of the text done in the excellent editor Vim/gVim, and with pictures in a variety of formats (tiff, jpeg, …). Others were scanned to textfiles with the help of optical character recognition, and then typeset with LaTeX or XeLaTeX. A lot of pictures were also scanned for these books. We strongly recommend the program Vuescan for all scanning and OCR (see Vuescan).

We have typseset several books. Vi i Vänge – en hembygdsbok, a book on Hörnsjöfors bruk och Västerfärnebo, Brukskamrerns Wirsbo and for prof Teddy Brunius Ars Longa and Gåtor och Behag. I have also typeset a book with more mathematical content, Principles of Deductive Theoretical Physics by Tomas Blomberg, published by Lambert Academic Publishing. Excerpts from these (in Swedish where appropiate) can be seen among the examples.


Here are some examples of documents and books made with the help of various versions of LaTeX. From December 2011 to December 2013 I also assisted with the production of SMS bulletinen the newsletter given out by the Swedish Mathematical Society. After that time I help with the LaTeX-templates I made for the newsletter, which is only published on the web (large pdf-files).
SMS bulletinen, newsletter for the Swedish Mathematical Association
SMSbulletinen dec 2011 Dec_2011 SMSbulletinen feb 2012 Feb_2012 SMSbulletinen maj 2012 May_2012 SMSbulletinen okt 2012 Oct_2012 SMSbulletinen dec 2012 Dec_2012
SMSbulletinen feb 2013 Feb_2013 SMSbulletinen maj 2013 May_2013 SMSbulletinen oct 2013 Oct_2013 SMSbulletinen dec 2013 Dec_2013

Desktop Publishing

We can also help with "ordinary desktop publishing" i.e. where we do not use LaTeX. For this we use only open source programs. Preparation of pictures is done with gimp and inkscape, texts are prepared in Libre Office (or in a texteditor, like vim). Everything is then assembled with the help of the marvellous program Scribus scribus. (Some post-processing of the pdf-files can be done with ghostscript.) Here you can see some examples of publications we have prepared for the Uppsala Senior University

Medlemsbladet, a newsletter distributed to all members
Year 2010
MB 2010 nr 3 MB2010_nr3 MB 2010 nr 4 MB2010_nr4 MB 2010 nr 5 MB2010_nr5
Year 2011
MB 2011 nr 1 MB2011 nr1 MB 2011 nr 2 MB2011 nr2 MB 2011 nr 3 MB2011 nr3 MB 2011 nr 4 MB2011 nr4 MB 2011 nr 5 MB2011 nr5
Year 2012
MB 2012 nr 1 MB2012 nr1 MB 2012 nr 2 MB2012 nr2 MB 2012 nr 3 MB2012 nr3 MB 2012 nr 4 MB2012 nr4 MB 2012 nr 5 MB2012 nr5
Year 2013
MB 2013 nr 1 MB2013 nr1 MB 2013 nr 2 MB2013 nr2 MB 2013 nr 3 MB2013 nr3 MB 2013 nr 4 MB2013 nr4 Nr 5 became
nr1 2014 issued
in January
MB 2013 nr 1 MB2014 nr1
Programbladet, a catalogue of all activities offered by Uppsala University of the Third Age (Uppsala Senioruniversitet)
PB ht2010 PB_ht2010 PB vt2011 PB_vt2011 PB ht2011 PB_ht2011 PB vt2012 PB_vt2012 PB_ht2012 PB_ht2012
PB vt2013 PB_vt2013 PB ht2013 PB_ht2013 PB vt2016 PB_vt2016 PB vt2017 PB_vt2017
PB ht2017 PB_ht2017 PB vt2018 PB_vt2018
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I have also typeset some of the reports published by the Uppsala University of the Third Age.
Rapport_19 Rapport 19 Rapport_20 Rapport 20 Rapport_21 Rapport 21 Rapport_22 Rapport 22
Rapport_23 Rapport 23
If you need help with typesetting of any text, please contact me for discussion and advice.

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